I have enjoyed photography for as long as I can recall. I can remember my first plastic camera as a child, and having to try and time my shutter press with the flash on my father's camera in order to take pictures indoors. 

I progressed through various film compacts and onto my first SLR, with the traditionally traumatic wait to get the pictures back from the chemist, only to find moments missed, blurred or blocked by an errant finger. I have always tried to combine my other activities with photography, whether climbing, skiing or cycling I always had a camera close at hand.

These days, thanks to practise and digital technology I get more hits than misses (apart from where hummingbirds are concerned...) and even my phone is capable of taking fantastic images. I have had pictures published in rock climbing guidebooksmountain biking guidebooks and websites. I have also worked for L'Eroica Brittania vintage cycling festival and started selling greetings cards and pictures. 

More than anything though this website gives me an easy answer to the perennial question 'What on earth do you do with all your photographs?'.